Do You Want To Help Victims of a Crime?

Most not-for-profit community agencies rely heavily on their volunteers to be able to provide comprehensive services to the client base they serve.  The Washington State Crime Victim Service Center is no exception to that.  Our agency is able to meet the needs of so many victims of crime because of the amazing volunteers who help every single day on our 24-hour statewide hotline.

Benefits to volunteering include but are not limited to:  learning or developing a new skill, being more connected to the community you live in, a sense of achievement, boosting your career options, providing new experiences.


A survey of 200 employers, through Reed Executive, showed that 73% of employers would recruit an applicant with volunteering experience over one without and 94% of employers believe that volunteering can add to skills and create more opportunities for advancement.


Our Volunteer Hotline Advocates respond to crisis hotline texts during non-business hours from your own home, provide emotional support, crisis intervention and referrals. Average hours are 5pm-9am Monday-Friday and 24 hours on weekends. There is also opportunity for providing hotline coverage during business hours.  Approximately 4-6 on call shifts a month and you must attend our 40 - hour Core Academy Training.  Attendance at monthly meetings and agency trainings is also required.


For more information about volunteering for The Washington State Crime Victim Service Center Hotline, contact Janet Quiroga, Hotline Manager at janet@victimsupportservices.org.